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Mishan Warnakulasuriya was born in Sri Lanka, he migrated to the US in 2007. Ever since he was a child he was fascinated with photography, his grandfather was a photographer and his father and mother had met due to photography. Its always been something that has been a part of his life.

Ever since he moved to the US to pursue his education in Engineering, he also meddled around in Photography, buying his 1st digital camera in 2007 he focused on Wedding photography. In 2009, he started to shoot and focus on fashion photography, after many years of hard work and trial and error, he dreamt of shooting for Guess, and in the year 2019, he managed to get the attention of Paul Marciano, the co-founder of Guess Inc. He was able to work for a brand whose iconic images captured his heart and inspired his work. He did a lot of e-commerce work for Guess and in 2020 with the pandemic, he took a break from photography, focusing on his career in IT as photography work took a halt and he had to support his parents.

Mishan Warnakulasuriya

About Me

From the far reaches of Island weather and the ancient civilizations of Sri-Lankan, Brings this Dynamic Photographer to life. With his Passion for Photography and knack for capturing personality in a story telling romantic manner. He used light and molds it to capture inner beauty. In his words : "I like to think that i'm a Photographer and not a Photo-shopper in a dying world of Photography."

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